Tuesday, May 13, 2003

5:57 pm
ugh, too many smoothies. yes, today was braces day... not horrible, just annoying and a bit painful. they are clear on top so they're not as noticeable, but i still can't wait to get them off in 18-20 months. got to miss school today, so mom and i went out to breakfast @ "yvonne's" and had yummy pancakes and then headed off to the torture chamber (aka the orthodonist), which lasted about an hour and a half... then got a chocolate milk shake, came home and watched "friends", relaxed... took the doggies for a walk, relaxed some more, went to the mall and bought new gap red pants to replace the ones i lost last week (grrr). and got a smoothie, and went home. i have math to do. i reallllllly need summer to come NOW! no finals, no finals, pleeease! oh well. hopefully i'll get more used to the "temporary" (ha!) torture in the days to come- esp. before camping this weekend. bye yall

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