Wednesday, May 21, 2003

5:56 pm
dude, it has been the same time that i've blogged two days in a row!! how freaky and coincidental is that? well, to me it is. anyway. 2 more days!!! CRAZY! and finals begin tomorrow. damn. oh well. i'm mainly worried about geometry (my last period of the last day of school friday) but tonight i have to write notes for our essay for our english one tomorrow. i don't WANNA write an essay for my final!! whine whine whine. tonight i'm gonna watch "american idol" and see if clay or ruben wins... hrm. so i need to finish my homework before 8 and it lasts 2 hours. tomorrow is the last breakfast club, yay! i'm glad david got a little thing in the glenn notes. he'll get a lot of prayers. so today was the seniors' last day!!! sniff sniff.. i adore them. mike got to go home like right after school started!! he's so awesome. i'm glad he's going in-state. and di had to come just for second period! i am going to miss her like crazy since she's going soo far off. but in a way, for her, it's home, definitely. lotsa commas in that sentence. today the spotlight published senior wills. they were funny; had me thinking about what i'll say! tooooo many changes are coming. they're going to slam in fast and i don't like that. so today after school, me and lizzie and nazia went over to good ole LRS to feel tall in the halls and say hey to ms. stanley and other teachers- who were all in the library for a party. so we got to see a lot of people. and then we went to SMS and tried to find ms. logsdon but guess what? her room was open but she wasn't in it! so i wrote her a note and stuck it to her door and stuff. hope she gets it. i bet she will. then we ran into ms. M, the most unforgettable english teacher ever (although ms. C is the same- better, i think)... and then i came home. so i've been home for about an hour, and when i got home, mom and mase had gotten me a blimpi sandwich for dinner! i am eternally grateful because i was soooo hungry and it was soooo excellently yummy! mmmm. okay so i have to go WORK before i can watch tv. it was funny, today after school got out, buffy was talking on her cell phone saying "i'm a graduated senior, i can use my CELL PHONE now! CELL PHONE, CELL PHONE!" and then she hung up and said "yeah, i was calling my mom... um, i mean, my 26-year-old BOYFRIEND!" haha. me and bo and megs were w/ her. i'll miss her to death. and i got to sign austin's yearbook today, yay. jeez all these wonderful people going out into the world... okay homeworktime. peace out all, i love you!
ps. oh yes! i talked to eric a few minutes ago! it was so good to talk to him! i miss him, but i'm glad he's doing well.

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