Tuesday, May 20, 2003

5:56 pm
bonjour mes amis. ca va? moi, tres bien maintenant. 3 MORE DAYS OF SCHOOL!!! ACK! i would be completely overjoyed were it not for my beloved seniors leaving us. ah well, life must go on. am also feeling a bit guilty about not being able to take the doggies on the first leg of our beach vacation. jeez, it seems like wednesday, does it not? i keep thinking that it is. dumdadum... not much is going on. elleny came over and we went to go see ms. L who is moving after school gets out (noooo!), but guess what? she wasn't there!!! third time in a row that we have tried and she hasn't been there. I need to see her before she goes!!! yikes! but anyway, we walked to my house and ate mini-frozen eclairs from sam's and talked and stuff. it was fun. she left about 45 minutes ago and now i need to do some homework i suppose... argh. peace out yall... yawn. tomorrow i shall watch the "american idol" finale. go clay!

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