Thursday, May 15, 2003

5:22 pm
6 days and counting! merci mon dieu! tonight is the final chorus concert of the year; hopefully it will go fast because i have homework. and i think it was about a year ago that we first looked at this house- isn't that strange? i think it is. because it didn't seem like our home then. today we were late to school because traffic was backed up and at a stand still; but oh well. had a fairly good day, braces weren't horrible... got more yearbook signatures, etc. just an all-around normal day mainly. went to the torture chamber (but with nice people) after school to ask more questions and seek more wax and they also gave me stuff that i put on my sores to make them feel better. it's sort of working, but my mouth feels weird. i need to decide what to do about dinner though. i suppose i should try and start chewing again. maybe blimpi?... but lots of lettuce stuck in my braces. hmprh. i think i want to print out the story i've been writing about casey and dash and those others- oh, and lilia. might show it to jack this weekend... vee shall see. PLEASE DON'T LET IT RAIN THIS WEEKEND GOD!!!! because the last thing we need is another rainy camping trip. BUT- it would be wonderful if it rained tomorrow from 11:32 PM to 12:10 PM so that mes amis could sit w/ me instead of going to the park. :) ah, selfish. just kidding. peace out dudes

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