Sunday, May 11, 2003

5:15 pm
oh my gosh, wow, you guys, i have so much to say and i don't know where to begin. i also dunno if i'll have enough time to write everything down now since it's mother's day and all and we're off to the grandparents' house in a bit. so let's start at the beginning- which i guess means bite nite 03!! oh no, wait! i mean, kappa induction!!
yeah, there was a kappa induction after school. it was pretty cool. maria, my big sis, wasn't there because (like di and anetta and mary anne) she had to take the AP euro exam... yucky. but there was yummy cake and johanna and mary kathryn signed my yearbook and i hung out with elleny and megs and laura and lizzie and them. yeah. fun, fun. okay, anyway, ON TO BITE NITE 03!!!!
#1- drivers: chris b. and chris r.
team members: moi, alex, thomas, and two of his friends ("bruce" and "hal")
THE BEST GROUP EVER!!! heeheehee
#2- drivers: lindsey and gabrielle
team members: robbie, ben (for awhile, hehe), megs, kat, and laura
#3- driver: beth
team members: austin, allie, marty, rob, and diane
OKAY- here we go!
our group took off to alex's house because she has about half the stuff that we needed- nail polish, hammer & nails, etc.- plus, her house is the closest! then we went to the houses of both chrises to get other supplies, and then we went to the fire department and asked them to open the garage thing so we could stand next to the truck and make siren noises- and one of the firemen stood with us!!! so that was one down, more to go. then we found two police on campus w/ their car, and we asked one of them to stand with us and sing the theme from COPS (bad boys) with us! and she turned the flashing lights on too! hahahaha. (this is not in any order because i can't remember off hand) then we freestyle walked at the gazebo in the square, and then we went to the old people statue in front of the courthouse and got 2 bystanders to hold flowers and we saw ellen and johanna and their other friends from DHS! i met danny! (hehe, just kidding elleny) and then we went to CVS and stocked up on blue paint and went to fellini's and one of thomas's friends did a cheer and (oh, by the way, we did this cross dressed- the guys wore amy's flowing skirts and alex and i wore ties and jackets- and we had blue paint all over our faces) them thomas performed a scene from braveheart (hence the face paint) and all the people on the patio were staring at us and when T got to "they can take our lives, but they cannot take our freedom!!!!" we all screamed and ran as fast as we could back to the van! it was soooo funny. okay, our last hurrah was that we had to submerge ourselves in water. so we went to the fountain in front of the library and did it and all these drs. and nurses were watching- it was like 11:45 at night! and then we dashed to the van and drove all the way back to the yaab!!! it was awesome. so then the judges came- it was like a huge youth reunion from about five years ago (sans david). so the judges were david, chris h. and john a. and mark t. and grant t. we had a great time watching the videos and stuff and then we found out that WE WON! go us!! and then i showed marty our yearbook and THEN alex, marty, diane, amy, beth and i talked for about three hours (like from 1 to 4 AM) about girl stuff and then trips and EVERYTHING! it was such a blast and i had a grrrreat time. slept in amy's office from 4 to 8, went home and slept til 11:30 (AM). got up, showered, then cleaned up til 4, when our open house/party for dad started. it was soooo much fun. sooo many people showed up!!! from 4 to 10, we had a zillion little kids running around our backyard and all my friends came and people were talking and brought stuff to eat and it was just wonderful. i want to have a party like that every spring. marty and victor stayed around the longest and i just love them so much. they're awesome, they're two of my best friends in the entire world. and jessie came too!!! i miss her. so a wonderful, fantabulous, great day. today, went to church and stuff and ate blimpi sandwiches at home. have been hanging out and watching some of the LOTR extended dvd and stuff since it's raining.. and now must go get ready to depart for the exciting family gathering. lovely. peace out my beautiful people. i adore you all immensly!

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