Monday, May 19, 2003

5:09 pm
"but you cannot close the acorn once the oak begins to grow, and you cannot close your heart to what it fears and needs to know... that the hardest part of love, and the rarest part of love, and the truest part of love... is letting go."
thanks, stephen schwartz.
okay that's all the three word stuff for now. or whatever.
i want to write. i figure the only way i can keep alive what it was like two years ago at church & in youth is to write more of it into casey's story. dum da dum. gotta go drink tea... fairly normal day. one down, four to go. am NOT looking forward to finals one bit. ah well. writing time. peace, love, and writing
may you have no shoulder cramps like myself, even after you go to a chiropractor
and may god bless clay and his family- you guys too.

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