Saturday, May 03, 2003

4:53 pm
nice saturdays when i don't have to do anything... gotta love em. last night was fun and the concert went very well. beforehand, ate a yummy spaghetti dinner in the fellowship hall prepared by dan and mary.. talked to austin, allie, chris, mase, ben, hamp, etc. etc. then practiced for about an hour or so... amazing that we prepared soooo loooong for this concert and it only lasted about thirty-five minutes on the whole. it went extremeely well, the only tiny mistake we made was alllmost coming in at the wrong time on "on jordan's stormy banks" because wes wasn't directing us. je ne comprends pas, why couldn't jason have played the piano? crazy, man. afterwards, there was a fun reception. it was storming again, just like last friday night. allie and me and some others ran (screaming) into the school building when the lightning started, nearly running into megs! hung out with my crew, whom i loove dearly: austin, chris, david, molls, thomas, ben, george, etc. they started in on the helen keller jokes (i have to admit that i kind of brought it up because they crack me up soooooo damn much but they are the most god-awful and mean jokes as well... acccck... i just cannot stop laughing when they do the yankee doodle one!!!!), etc. and we all had an excellent time eating brownies and such. came home, crashed... this morning, mom and i went to panera for breakfast (dad and mase had to drive out somewheres for a soccer game) and then stopped by chapter 11 and i bought the third georgia nicolson ("angus, thongs, & FFS") book by louise rennison- "knocked out by my nunga-nungas". finished reading it a few hours ago- twas great hilarity, of course! but my favorite passage is still from the second one with gee and jas and the pencil case and the bummer twins coming and jackie saying "oh look, our two lezzo friends are out for an afternoon fondle". it's awfully mean too, but it just makes me go ballistic. we also checked out party city for the event next weekend. came home, i read and watched tv and ate pizza and mom went on some errands and i cleaned my room and have now been working on my poetry project for english, due tuesday. mom and i rented "a beautiful mind", which is such an awesome movie, so we're gonna watch that tonight and stuff. ah, i do love saturdays when i don't have anything to do. great, great, and rare things. tomorrow is senior sendoff!!! cooool!!! can't wait. still working on homework, so peace out yall, love much

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