Friday, May 16, 2003

4:47 pm
sniff, i miss my puppies! i feel soooo guilty for having to take them to the dog sitter's again for the second weekend in a row!! god please watch over them and make them relax and have a good time without us... lordie, mom's right, we personify them sooo much! probably when we shouldn't. but anyway. we are leaving for camping in a little bit. hopefully. i hope, hope, HOPE it is fun!!! not many of my friends my age are going. i finished my math homework in class though. yesterday i was very upset. the chorus concert went well but it dragged on longer than i expected so i had to do my math homework and i was crying because my mouth hurt (still does a little, but i suppose i'm getting used to it more and more) and a week from today is the last day of school (!!) plus graduation and i am going to miss these seniors like crazy and i don't want so much to change at school because so many teachers and people are leaving. other stuff too, who knows. i hope it doesn't rain too! jeez, lotsa hope. plus chewing prayers. peace and a wonderful weekend-

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