Sunday, May 04, 2003

3:25 pm
bonjour all. happy sunday to ya! last night, mom and i watched "a beautiful mind". it is just such an amazing and wonderful movie. russell crowe deserved the oscar SOOOOO MUCH!!!! and it makes me mad that denzel got it, but that was a year ago, why should i be unhappy about it now?? yeesh. anyway. and jennifer connelly is amazing. i truly admire alicia nash. excellent movie, go rent it NOW! today, showered and went to communion training, then starbucks, then practicing "i will arise" w/ the choir for the service. befoer the service, molls and di had a boyfriend's grandfather coincidence!!! plus the sparkles commercial... jeez, it is such a small world after all! the service was okaaay.... but our preacher is so, so, sooooo long with his sermons, and it was communion sunday, gosh durn it!!!!! i don't know how many people will be able to take much more of this. grrrrrr. serving communion was fun. went to lunch with mom, nana, and pop pop, and now am back @ their house til 5ish when i am gonna go help set up at the sr. banquet. i can't wait, it's gonna be soo much fun! i really need to work on my poetry project now, peace yall

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