Saturday, May 24, 2003

11:10 pm
HELLO SAYS CLAIRE, SCHOOL IS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! heehee!! damn right, although it doesn't seem like it whatsoever. didn't get to go to graduation, but it's all good. math final was better than expected, so i at least have a high B in that class. went to mick's for dinner last night. it was fun. then came home and watched "catch me if you can"; really good movie! it was funny. today i slept in, watched "friends" pretty much all day except for when i went to panera to eat lunch w/ molls and stuff... and listened to PHC that was HERE!!! coooooool. apparently di and david went- nooo fair! oh well. it was neat. then went to austin's party- stayed for awhile, had the best time when mary ann and maria and annetta got there. they're sooo awesome, i love them. i need their email addresses. had a good time talking to laura too; she reminds me a LOT of katie. speaking of dear katie, i am having lunch w/ her after church tomorrow!! yayness! can't wait. maybe mother and i can go see "chicago" tomorrow too, since there is no youth. guess what? they got rid of the reading list so i have NO WORK WHATSOEVER over the summer! happy happy joy joy!! :) okay i am really tired. peace out, i love you guys!! :)

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