Monday, May 26, 2003

11:09 am
hi... i am shaky b/c i took my preventol (sp?) inhaler... i wonder if that's why i get hives randomly sometimes.. hrm. yeah, i have to take it for my asthma sometimes. anywaysies. yesterday mase went to a party so mum and daddy and i had a wonderful memorial day steak dinner with baked potatoes and butter and sour cream and corn and salad and cookies... mmmmmm!!! YUMMY! and a bob hope special was on so we watched that, and then some of LOTR: FOTR. got up today, had breakfast, etc... i have a bit of a sour throat, i think i have a head cold. oh well, if i drink lotsa tea i bet i'll feel better. i need to go to cvs later and also borders to get books.. and target! we're headed to the beach tomorrow to visit cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandmother. should be fun. CARABBAS!!! hehee. yummy delicious italian restaurant we always go to when we're down there. okay, that's all.. peace out, happy memorial day/summer!!

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