Monday, May 05, 2003

10 minutes til 8 in the pm
bonjour, or rather, bon soir mes amis. c'est monday. of course. sigh. but i must return to yesterday, when we had the awesome, amazing sr. banquet, where we cried (sort of) and laughed (hysterically) and ate (tons and tons of desserts). i think that i am maybe getting in the e.e. cummings mood with all these parentheses here. plus, i've already got the no caps thing down pat. anywaysies, father and i went to help out megs (who did such a fantabulous job putting everything together, she is the master of special events!) and others to get ready for our wonderful "it's a jungle out there"-themed night. many, many friends and parents and youth arrived... elleny came, as did marty and victor bien sur, et aussi david, and others. fun stuff. had good, good times listening to the bios (many embarrassing stories) of the seven seniors, and of course loving it when their special friends came!! here is a point- sistah e told me that she couldn't make it (and i do not hold this against her whatsoever because it helped to be more of a surprise, of course!)- she had to study for ap exams. so when george says that everyone will recognize the screaming of alex's special friend, i thought, no... can't be elizabeth.... she said she couldn't come! but it was!!! and it was so very happy. buffy did some straaaange things as a child! but they are all so "buffy" things to do, i promise you. i took a zillion pictures after... oh but first, there was a magnificent slide show of the seniors and us and them when they were younger (and david with short hair! gasp!) and all that fun stuff. but i took sooo many pics and now i have like three cameras to get developed at CVS and i have no money. great. so we'll have to save some for a bit. today was okay, went to school, there was a tornado watch all day mostly, but nothing happened except it's been pouring and thundering and stuff for awhile. it's stopped mainly though. whoa, my fingers are flying on this keyboard. came home, relaxed, finished poetry project, ate and stuff, am now doing this and must go do math as well. dang. 14 days! isn't that sad? in a way... i mean, i've really loved this year. it's ups and downs. but we get yearbooks on wednesday! isn't THAT exciting? heck yes! i've been screaming about it to everyone i see. so peace out my dearest ones, have beautiful days...
-clairey the voluptuous woman, hehehehe

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