Saturday, April 05, 2003

9:54 am or something like that, i don't really care cause... IT'S SPRING BREAK! (the motto for clairey and megs this week, hehe)
bonjourno all you awesome people out there- comment ca va? moi, je suis TRES TRES TRES bien parce-que c'est les vacances de printemps! (how are you? i am VERY VERY VERY good because it's spring break!) yesterday was fun, since it was a half day and all. soffe and i continued to make up silly stories- actually, one full one that involved a girl killing her sister and fleeing to nebraska, marrying a drunk, having two kids, andy and charlie, who both lost arms and stuff and then died, eating hyenas, hopping a train with a hobo to rivendell, falling in love with legolas, divorcing her drunk husband, marrying legolas, and having three kids- frodo two, chickenwing, and tulip. chickenwing stole tulip's two lips but she got them back, and then chickenwing fled to mordor to rule middle earth with sauron. frodo two got a mohawk and his mom didn't like it so he went to the shire to live with sam gamgee because he was nicer. tulip embarked on her way to mordor to get revenge on chickenwing and sauron and with her she took a (fake) ring. or something like that. ANYWAY- i'm sure you all wanted to know, hehe. then megs and i walked to panera, had a yummy lunch, and then walked to coldstone and had yummmy ice cream, then walked to her house and played basketball outside, then watched oscar shows til about 10:30 at night, stopping to eat her dad's yummy lasagna and brownies and stuff. it was a lot of fun. then dad picked me up. it is raining today, which is good because we majorly need it to wash all the pollen away. sigh. spring break. so anyway, everybody have a safe trip wherever you're going and peace be with you all.
-clairey the spring break girl!!! heeheeheeheehee....

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