Wednesday, April 09, 2003

9:52 am or something like that, i don't have my watch on
well bonjour! hope all are well on this beautiful morning. yesterday after my blog, megs & K came over to talk about the trip. it'll be fun- in fact, i need to go pack! then mom and i went to dinner w/ NN & PP and it was so much fun! i adore my grandparents and my mother (and my father and bro and all other family, but anyway). and the yummy, delicious food. then mom and i watched the tape of "as time goes by" for awhile. i woke up around 9:15 and had pizza for breakfast and now i'm down here saying goodbye til the weekend because i have to pack now! so hope everyone has a few good days without me. it would be a wonderful thing to have email when i return, but if it's not possible i understand. :) love and peace

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