Saturday, April 12, 2003

9:29 pm
finally, finally, hello again!
the trip was muchos fun! we had good times. i guess i should give ya the lowdown, huh? well, i went to M's house and then to the school that K teaches at so we hung out there for awhile and then left from there. got in to the hotel around 8:30ish and hung out, watched "whose line is it anyway?" i love that show! go wayne, colin, ryan, and whoever else might be there! drew sucks though. good thing he's just the host. anyway, on thursday, it was chilly and windy and so megs and i went to the shops but came back since it was so cold outside! we did a lot of reading in the hotel room, which was really nice. then we went out again with K and went to a coffee shop and stuff. then we went back to the hotel and watched "witness" with harrison ford, but more importantly, with VIGGO! heeheeheee....ahhh soooooo hot. it was a pretty good movie. i didn't like the end though. we went out to dinner at a small cafe- it was fairly good, and then we drove around to see where things were. came back and watched- guess what?- "whose line"! hehe. then yesterday, we drove to a nice church that UMOCA went to all the time when we went down there. (we also saw the golf course where we honked at the golfers!!!! heeheehee) and there were zero mosquitos and not as much humidity, thank god! then we came back and megs and i climbed the 129 stairs to the top of the lighthouse, then down (of course). came back and relaxed, then went mini-golfing (18 holes!) and shopping. ("this journal is made of corn husk and lily pad and..." "I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW!") then megs and i decided to go to the pool and she jumped in once, and i jumped in halfway, and then we shivered and got out and read for awhile. (us: we're going to the pool- it was three oclock- we'll be back by five K: see you in half an hour!) then we all went out for an early dinner- it was really yummy, i got a good cheeseburger. then we went to see "chicago"! it was a good, good movie, and i suppose it was the second best choice for best picture but i still say the two towers deserved it more. came back to the hotel, watched "whose line", slept. today we woke up and then K took M and i to a dolphin tour! it was a 1 1/2 hour pontoon boat ride and we saw some dolphins! it was neato. then we all went to the local art festival, then packed and left. took us about 6 hours to get home, and tomorrow is palm sunday! joy! i don't wanna go back to school on monday.... grrrrooooaaaannnn.... oh well. it'll be nice to see everyone. oh yes, i wrote more of my story! when i got home i had pizza and then watched some of harry potter and the chamber of secrets and now i'm doing this. peace out guys, hope yall had a great week too!

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