Thursday, April 24, 2003

6:15 pm
stuff that happened today---{--@
i went to breakfast club with...
mom, amy, eric, laura, daniel, reid, and jane
mother drove me to school...
school was fine...
did poetry in english- i picked
"anyone lived in a pretty how town"
by e.e. cummings to memorize
for the class by may 7...
i like that poem. it is very neat.
in PE we played "mat ball",
a very fun game actually.
run around the bases four times and
the bases are mats and there are
five outs but otherwise it's kickball.
at lunch, the seniors had to come inside
because it was beginning to rain.
lizzie, nazia, and martha were
claustrophobic after lizzie had to move
to their side of the booth when paul
came over and took lizzie's seat...
hahaaha, funny.
in chorus, we danced more "big spender"
and it is really, really annoying because
he wants us to have more "sex appeal"
which is something i cannot do
nor do i even want to try... grrr.
stupid stupid stupid, i'm there to sing, NOT dance.
in math, wow! flurry of activity, action.
went to another room b/c dr G's projector
is getting installed in her ceiling and
there are ladders and construction guys
all over the place.
she went over inscribed angles and arcs
which, let's face it, is very strange and confusing.
she then had to rush off to a meeting, so we went
downstairs to another room-
did our homework, which many of us didn't understand
too well... and finished that, and went home.
lizzie and i were silly on the way home in the car,
comme d'habitude,
talking about frustration and such.
i pulled her ponytail several times and she shrieked
so loudly that i started cracking up hysterically.
i ate cookies and milk and read the paper and
then mother and i went to the hated, loathed place
of the orthodonist to hear more about my torture
for 18-20 months of braces.
looked at pictures, molds, got explanations,
signed too many papers, heard too much about
financial information, plus, heard about a zillion
times that i have a HORRIBLE "amount of wear
on my teeth for somebody my age". jeez, ya think
THAT made my day any better?!
could hardly get out of there without bursting into
hot, hot, tears, which i did as soon as we got out
of the office and went to the car. it sucked.
picked my brother up from the bus stop,
came home and addressed envelopes for the open house,
looked at poetry books with mom,
and now i am down here doing this, trying to write down
all the things that happened today in a poem sort of way.
i don't know if it worked, but that's all that has happened.
my eyes are dry.

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