Friday, April 18, 2003

5:43 pm
AH IT'S FRIDAY!!!! happy happy happy happy happy. phew. and it's good friday as well. dum da dum. so what is clairey doing this weekend? well tonight she is reading at her church's good friday service. then on saturday she is doing NOTHING except her animal farm project for english (read the book by george orwell). then sunday of course is easter sunday and she intends to have a much better one than last year considering she does not have pneumonia and she will not enter the hospital. anyway! hummmdeedummm nice relaxation. tomorrow is paul's birthday and i put a birthday shoutout for him on the announcements but i didn't get to see it cause of our continuing math test. apparently they played bad music w/ it and he thought I chose the music but noooo! it was funny, i couldn't help but laugh. well, my eyes are sore, so see ya. peace out yall

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