Wednesday, April 30, 2003

5 pm
hihi! 17 days left of school, joy, joy, joy! heehee. anyway, how are all doing on this nice last day of april? that's tres scary, that tomorrow is MAY! jeez. ok, so went to school, as usual, talked more about poems in english, drugs and stuff in health, silly things at lunch, nothing in chorus, did our test and SAT stuff in math. yearbooks come out a week from today! yay! oh, also, i got into the kappa club! i have a "big sister" for next week but i don't know who it is but i have to get her gifts every day of the week. cool! i read "if you come softly" by jacqueline woodson today, and it was fairly good until i got to the end- MAJOR DEPRESSION!!!! miah dies! why the heck did THAT have to happen, things were going so well??... the guy always has to die. it must be some weird thing every writer does, the guy always has to die. i mean, let's take a look at some examples- tony had to die instead of maria, jack instead of rose, and now miah instead of ellie. not that i WANT the girls to die, but it would be best if neither of them died and they all lived happily ever after. but no, no. sigh. so i sat through most of chorus bored out of my mind, writing in my journal and studying for math. i need to make sure i have a new book for tomorrow and friday since some of the class is going to be on the trip. tonight i am going to WNS and then choir concert dress rehearsal. i have math and health homework as well. tomorrow is breakfast club, yay! i do loooove those hotcakes from "yvonne's", haha. i may be getting on my spacers tomorrow afternoon. grrr. i don't want to, but i don't want to cry about braces again! i have "o come thou traveller unknown" stuck in my head from last year's concert. in chorus, i made a calendar and realized how much i have to do between now and the end of school, it's jam packed! plus MK was talking about a swim team banquet... lordie lordie. i am looking fwd. to yearbooks very much. ouch, jaw hurts. that's what braces are for, clairey. got a nice email from sister katie, i miss her, but i'm glad to hear from her. she's right, these past few years have flown by like crazy. i need to go do something constructive like math homework since i won't be home til 9:45 or something tonight after rehearsal. "o come thou traveller unknown, of whom i own but cannot see, my company before is gone, and i am left alone with thee, with thee all night i mean to stay and wrestle til the break of day, with thee all night i mean to stay, and wrestle til the break of day."

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