Thursday, April 03, 2003

4:59 pm
DONE WITH MATH TIL AFTER SPRING BREAK!!!!! major grin and happinesss!!!! also turned in my research paper, so my only homework is studying for a short story test in lit!!! joy, elation, goodie!! heeheehee. tomorrow is the wonderful half day and panera/oscarfest with megs. soffe and i had a lot of fun in PE because #1- we walked 3 miles!!! i don't have to be guilty about laying around all afternoon or eating lots of cookies cause i walked THREE miles today!!! hehehe. and #2- we had the best time making up stories where we alternated saying a word. the first one was about a fat animal who smushed a kangaroo, the second one was about this chinese girl who lived in bangladesh and her name was ling and she had a doll named ling two and a dog named ling sue and they were all abducted by aliens and taken to neptune. the third one was about someone whose head was going to explode, and the fourth one was about a hobo and a kid hopping trains and going to hogwarts and meeting harry, ron, and hermione. they were all funny!!! but i think i liked the hobo-hogwarts one best. chorus was boring because meeks had to do something for a deadline so there was no singing (good, cause i need to rest my voice since i have a cold) and there are annoying people in that class. they must enjoy conflict or something. "grr," as catherine says, and the two of us were lamenting over the fact that many people have zero common sense. ah well. in math we had a sub (whose husband plays tennis with PP- who's birthday happens to be today!!! yay! oh, and so is hallie's- i need to call her) and took the quiz (fairly easy, i think i did well) and did an assignment and then me and megs and laura discussed fun and bad youth times, one of the first hysterical ones on my list being GB duck taped into the shower stall without her clothes- memorable times- 2 years ago!!! scary. oh yes and of course this morning was breakfast club- me, molls, reid, amy, eric, and laura. lunch was fun too, as it usually is. my days are wonderful these days and in a way i don't want the school year to end, but really i do. but first- spring break 03!! hehe, or spring break 82??? heeheeeee just kidding. i just watched oprah with her best friend gail going on all the blind dates. it was funny. ok i suppose that's about it, but happy birthday to hal and PP & to becky tomorrow! peace
-clairey who looooves green tea and cookies :)

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