Wednesday, April 23, 2003

4:56 pm
hola everbody who's reading this. what's up on this sunny wednesday afternoon? not much for moi, except 22 days til school is out!! a month from today in fact- and we all know how fast months go. yesssss! although i shall desperately miss these seniors, but most of them are going out of state (except di) so it's all good mostly. anyway, math is very annoying sometimes. but i'm doing pretty well in it right now so it's not too bad- my class is very, verrry fast though. i turned in my form for kappa, that should be a cool club i think. i have both english and math homework, so that's just great... ah well. i feel like i need to appreciate each day more but i'm really not sure how. hope an answer comes to me. this weekend is not too busy- friday night going to the play @ school, saturday doing nothing (heehee), sunday is confirmation sunday (!) and 2 hour choir practice (concert is next week) and then youth and such. mon ami david should be arriving home from school in the next several days... twill be good to see him. bye guys

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