Monday, April 14, 2003

4:45 pm
allo, urghhh, monday.... and back to school. joy... ah well, that's life. anyway, got up waaay too early for my liking (and everyone else's as well) and went to school. english was fine, pe was fun, soffe and i continued our story and then we all played "pickleball"... to learn more about it, go to gosh, i can't believe they have a website for it! lorrrrdie. i am trying to check my email but it is taking a verrrry long time. lunch was fun, chorus was just singing, math wasn't terrible. got home, made cookies and tea. dad has to finish the taxes tonight. and it's also the anniversary of titanic and lincoln's assasination. 29 days of school!!! but that's sorta sad in away because i am really enjoying this semester and i am going to miss these seniors like crazy. last night we had our cookout- didn't get to do boogaloo, sniff sniff, but some other time i suppose. it was a nice night for the cookout though. peace guys, i am going to go do something other than this. love you all.

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