Tuesday, April 15, 2003

4:40 pm
hi! nice day outside. woke up, went to school, english was fun because we talked about animal farm. it is really a very interesting book. then in PE, soffe and i continued our story about tulip, frodo two, and all of those other people. we also walked 3 miles! (well, approximately) hmmm. lunch was fun, and i had to do my workbook homework from math because when i went to sleep last night, i realized i hadn't done it. but it's all good, i managed to do it during lunch. then we had chorus which was regular... and i read more of "razzle". it's a good book. i don't like the ending though. i have to decide whether i will go for advanced chorus or drama next year. grr. i hate decisions. anyway. then math was fine, and i got checked out early for a pat appt. she's back from china! now i am home doing this and i am going to do homework and write more of my story as well. i am enjoying writing it and adding characters that are based on real people. it's fun! ahhh so peace out yall, buhbye now.

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