Thursday, April 17, 2003

4:35 pm
HI GUYS! happy half birthday to me! ahh, isn't life grand? a good mood has struck me, yay! and happy maunday thursday as well. hmmmm... ahh demain c'est vendridi. je suis tres contente! i got a letter from cousin pam this afternoon- i need to write her and francy and other college people as well... need to be keepin' in touch there clairey! anyway, went to breakfast club this morning w/ reid, daniel, amy, and megan and kirsten and eric. talked w/ eric about that AWESOME breakfast club we had last week, with all the free pancakes.. hehehe. yumm green tea (i nearly forgot about it!). then dearest amy drove me to school and i forgot it was ghost out day (before prom) so there were cymbals banging over the intercom about every thirty minutes. interesting. we watched the "animal farm" movie in english... hm. it's a very cool book, and the movie's not bad either actually. played softball in PE and i hit it! i am much better at that than kickball. lunch and the rest was fine... in the car ronnie played an interview with jan karon, wonderful author of the mitford books. she talked about how she just lets the characters go and that's what i need to do more in this story that i'm in the middle of writing and i guess that's what i have been doing. it's a good feeling. freedom for writing! gotta go- church service is at 7 and i have an annoying math test tomorrow too. yesterday mom and i went to WNS and there was this gross shrimp thing but these really yummy oreo cream bars from starbucks. then diane and megs helped me with the pictures for the play during youth council. peace guys

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