Wednesday, April 02, 2003

4:35 pm
bonjour, 1 1/2 more days til spring break!!! dunno if i can take it. i am going to the beach with megan as a definite, and it'll be a lotta fun. for the time i'm at home i am gonna clean up, clean out, go out to eat, see "chicago", and see "the two towers" AGAIN (hehe- but it's been more than two months, i'm proud of myself for waiting this long!), etc. etc... i'm not sure what else. had a french club meeting today, went well, school was fine. we have a math quiz tomorrow (joy) but then no math on friday so no math homework whatsoever on the break! but i guess a teacher would be realllllly heartless to do that anyway. then my cormier research paper is due tomorrow and we are also teaching the class about quotation marks. oh well, it's all good. youth week forms came in the mail so i am gonna get those to amy as fast as i can, probably tomorrow @ breakfast! i HAVE to go on it! it was funny in PE, coach N was talking all about how we didn't have any choices any more cause people were just sitting around, so everyone had to go play ultimate frisbee. well, some girls asked, "why can't we just walk?" and she threw up her hands and was like, "girls, just go walk!" like it was a punishment. hardly a punishment for soffe and me, because #1 it's exercise, #2 we get to talk (double the fun, double the exercise... or something like that :D). good times, fun stuff. i like green tea with honey. lots of antioxidants. i made cookies. we are going to WNS tonight to see the carol choir musical... barbara always writes excellent ones! peace out -clairey who cannnnnotttttt waaaaiiitttt fooorrrr sppprrriinggg brrreeeaakkk!!!!

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