Monday, April 21, 2003

4:25 pm
ughhhhhness, mondays. ah well, it's all good. anywaysies, wasn't able to get to sleep easily last night; maybe mom's right, maybe it is when i eat chocolate at night. who knows... i just need to get to bed earlier. last night at youth was fun as well, we took the myers-briggs personality test thing. (interruption- claire is sooo smart, she just spilled tea on her pants. yeah, that's great. and my french tutor is coming in half an hour... wonderful. okay, we continue with the regularly scheduled blog maintenant-) i am an INFJ. it was neat, because i think that is just like me. Introverted iNtuition Feeling Judging. take it if you haven't before. so anyway, in english today we finished watching "animal farm" (i liked the ending of the movie better than the book) and looked at our power point vocab presentations. i really enjoy my corner- me, sophie, chris, and kate. hehe. in PE it was "about to pour" in coach's words, so we jogged around the gym a hundred bazillion times and then sophie and i dodged through the landmines of people playing basketball as we tried to walk normally and continue the saga of frodo two, tulip, and all of those other people. took surprising twists, which was tres amusant. but verrrrry tiring. since i didn't get much sleep and didn't have too much breakfast and such. but it's great because i have A LUNCH! so i gratefully ate my lunch with my friends and then chorus was a bit boring but i kept reading "true believer" by virginia euwer (i don't think that's right but who knows) wolff. or someone. fairly good book. math was semi-okay... i HATE constructing shapes with compasses! i think i was absent that day that we learned it, the day i passed out in gym and stuff. or nearly passed out. but good, good, GGGREAT news- i got a 97% on my math test from friday!!!!! happy happy joy joy happy happy joy joy! plus- she put a 6 point curve on it so guess who got a 103?!?!?!? MEEEE! :) grin! okay i need to go clean off my desk or something. yawn. peace guys

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