Monday, April 28, 2003

4:15 pm
ughhhh monday, but it's all good. yesterday was a nice continuation, although that 2 hour choir rehearsal got really annoying after awhile. i love the music but it's so overwhelming. we've got a 2 hour rehearsal tonight as well, and the dress rehearsal is wednesday night. anyway, went to youth, david came, we sang and stuff and then the sr. high finished talking about our myers-briggs tests and stuff. then we went into the DB room and talked about how we communicate and stuff, it was funny. i was talking about journaling and then how i remember everyone's bdays and how lizzie says i don't have a life and i said "but i do have a life!" and martha put in, "it's in my journal!" it was really funny, everyone was cracking up. went home, went to bed. today was a normal day... i had a headache for most of it but now it seems to be gone, so that's very good. boring day... but i don't have any homework! crazy, ain't it? i didn't have any english and we finished our math en classe, as i have been able to do it mostly without too much trouble! hee hee, love that feeling. so until the rehearsal tonight, hang out time! i'll probably write some. peace!

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