Tuesday, April 01, 2003

4:14 pm
hi all!!!! lovely day, happy april fools by the way. so i am feeling better, isn't everyone happy about that? and a year ago i was in the hospital... strange. i think i am gonna go to the beach w/ megs for the second half of spring break, should be fun. for the first half i get to do nothing at home, yay! and after spring break... 5 more weeks of school!!!! YAYAYAY! :) heehee. anyway. i understood the trig stuff in math! i like using the calculator for sine, cosine, tangent, etc. i have a bit of congestion and a stuffy nose (soffe and i were sniffing in unison, hehe) and in chorus i had a coughing fit WHILE WE WERE RECORDING... ugh. oh well. i have "I feel pretty" stuck in my head. dum da da dum dum da da dum. 2 1/2 days... can i take it? i dunno!!! i like having english as my first class. soffe and i walked during PE as usual. so it's a gorgeous day and yall go have fun! i love you!
clairey who is happy (titles again? guess it's always this time of year! spring fever, dude)

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