Wednesday, April 16, 2003

4:10 pm
hihihihi! it's wednesday! youth council meeting tonight- cool!! so that means WNS beforehand. grrr, math and the law of cosines. those calculators can be so confusing! we played softball in PE, twas pretty fun; i'm better at baseball/softball than kickball, etc. came home, ate cake and such. dum da dummmm... i can't wait for easter, it's gonna be great. i just hope it's a nice sunny day because that always makes it better! tomorrow is breakfast club and then maunday thursday service; friday is tenebre service (whoops! forgot my water was boiling for tea! LOUDness of the whistling tea kettle awakened my senses down here) at which i am reading. oh yes, today we had a "french club" meeting which mainly meant talking. i need to pick up a book from mme for tutoring. "i says the remedy it's the experience this is a dangerous liasion..." i LOOOVE that song! it's a great one. i don't know who sings it though. i gotta go since we're going to supper in a little while. peace out guys!

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