Saturday, April 19, 2003

3:55 pm
must go bake cookies!
happy almost easter and happy birthday to paul!
slept til 10ish
got up
watched tv
ate a bit
walked to SMS to do a mile, which i did in about 15 minutes- there was a baseball game going on and i think the HS team may have been there but i'm not sure. it was interesting because on one side of me there was a black team, then where everyone plays kickball there was a latino team and then on the tennis courts there was a white team. very interesting to observe. everyone loves america's pasttime.
came home, have been revising my story... and now i shall type more of it
i want to dye easter eggs tonight- that would be fun! i looove watching the colored tablets dissolve in the water for the dye- awesome dude.
peace out
ps. the tenebre service was fine. quiet and dark but very effective.

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