Tuesday, April 08, 2003

3:53 pm
hihihihi! what's up with all you wonderful web peoples today? well clairey got up EAAARRRLY (like 7something in the MORNING- and on spring break!!! nooo!!!) and went to go get her permit. finally. she was very nervous because the law test was harder than expected, but she passed. phew. so that's all done and she is extremely relieved. ok, resume first person talking now. then mother and i went to panera for an early lunch and then home to relax and rest. i went for a dr. recheck since i'm going to the beach tomorrow and then we stopped by CVS for cough medicine. mom & i are going out to eat w/ the grandparents ce soir and i need to pack and shower and my clothes are in the wash now... so all's nice and happy. peace :)

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