Sunday, April 27, 2003

3:10 pm
good day so far, happy confirmation sunday and such. the rest of yesterday was spent lounging around, though i actually DID write my review for english, so no more homework for clairey! heehee. went to bed around 11. went to sunday school this morning- allie, molls, george, ben, daniel, cole, scott, ben, and david.. good group, fun times. then went to the confirmation service which approximately went from 11 AM to 12:40 PM. yeah. loooong. but cool. full house once again, wesley must be happy. then afterwards, went to the confirmation picnic. david "bonded" with a confirmand (haha), so he was there too, and so were allie and addy and daniel and cole and lots of other people. amazing food and great friends and yummy dessert and nice backyard= good, good times! so now i'm home but for only 30 minutes cause we have an extended choir rehearsal since the concert is friday night. then youth, bien sur. beautifully gorgeous day outside. my knee and my toe itch, i think i got bug bites, hope the mosquitos aren't out yet. ugh my jaw hurts, of course. stupid stupid jaw. oh well. peace out

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