Sunday, April 13, 2003

2:20 pm
bonjour, happy palm sunday! c'est dimanche et j'adore dimanche. anyway, enough francais. awoke on this lovely spring day, showered and then ate pizza for breakfast. went to sunday school (with one car!!! gasp!!!)... there were lotsa people back from spring break, it was good to see a lot of my homefries. then church, which was really neat, a different way of doing palm sunday with just scriptures of the crucifixtion (sp? i should know this!!) and stuff and then hymns. i was hacking a lot, my cough still has not gone away. there was lemonade on the lawn afterwards, and i hung out w/ chris and george and cole and people. then went to lunch avec the grandparents and ma famille aussi. yumm. now we're back here; choir starts early, 4 pm, and then we have a cookout tonight at a park!! yay!!! alex and i have decided that we are going to do the boogaloo tonight. i loooove that, it's so much fun. i'll never forget my first fall retreat two years ago when we all stayed in the chapel so late into the night and sang and then danced with the drums and did the boogaloo! dudeman, one of the greatest times i've ever had with my amazing group. hmmm... it's nice outside. and i have no homework! heehee. peace out all
~claire~ :) (i have "i move on" from "chicago" stuck in my head- it's an extremely good song, go listen to it!)

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