Monday, April 07, 2003

12:30 pm
dontchya loooove spring breaks? i do... ahhhhh, wonderfulness. woke up around 11 and had pasta and stuff for lunch; want to head to the library in awhile for new books, which i need... yesterday i just hung out and relaxed and dad, mom, and i watched some of titanic. hadn't seen that movie in a looong time, it is awesome but it only needs to be viewed once or twice a year. oh yes, dunno if i mentioned it yesterday but on saturday night daddy and i went to see "the two towers" again- me for the 5th time (ack!) and he for the 3rd. it smells like paint still down here. dumdadum so what to do today? nothing!! that's the most wonderful part about everything! i love you all!! :)

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