Saturday, April 26, 2003

12:11 pm
ahhh i looooove saturdays!!! heeheehee. last night was fun, had publix sandwiches and then went to the play- got there a little early and guess who happened to be there when i walked in? ben, john, anna and- david! it was so awesome to see him. we hung out in the lobby for awhile and then went inside- there were 3 acts of this play, called "deep are the roots". it was a very powerful play and everyone was awesome- austin, lily, and johanna were amazing, and jeremy gets to be an even better actor every time i see him perform. he is so versatile. there were 2 intermissions, and during the first act, there was thunder and hail and stuff!! it was sort of funny because that setting is a sunny day in may and we were all like, "ok, this is not supposed to be happening!" apparently there was a tornado warning and mom and mase hid in the basement. but i would feel safer at school than anywhere else, it's so big. then it just turned to a thunderstorm warning. talked to david, ben, anna, robbie, ellen, julia (when i told her there were 20 days left of school, she hugged me- hehe), rachael, etc. oh yes! and yesterday was mrs. ledon's last day and she cried like crazy. she was a great student teacher- i'll definitely miss her. so yesterday was an all around good day, also because in math there were two worksheets for homework and me, megs, and laura finished them in class! hehe! so all i have is english stuff. doing nothing today- how nice nice nice. tomorrow is confirmation sunday! see yall

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