Sunday, April 20, 2003

1:10 pm
happy easter everybody!
relaxed for the rest of the day and finished my animal farm project so NO HOMEWORK TO WORRY ABOUT TODAY! heehee. then this morning i woke up and went to starbucks with mom, and it was weird because we were there around 9:15 and it was nearly empty! that never happens! but it's good, hehe. then went to sunday school, big crowd because it's easter and all. walked to church avec emmy and allie and george and ben, my old homefries. the church was FULL to bursting today but it was a wonderful service- looove singing "christ the lord is risen today" with the huge crowd and the choir marching down and stuff. the sermon was a bit longer than i would have liked and he kept yelling at us "WAKE UP!" but it's all good on easter morning. then of course my favorite part- singing the hallelujah chorus... molls helped me on the alto part and it worked! then i talked to everyone afterwards. i will say one great thing about this morning is that my side doesn't hurt and i don't have pneumonia and i won't have to go into the hospital later today like last year! THANK GOD! :) london broil for lunch, ciao and happy everything!

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