Sunday, March 02, 2003

9:34 pm
um just a quick note, all along i have been spelling zack's name wrong... hehehe whoops. anyway. last night we went to his party which was fun, but we stayed for 3 hours which was tiring although it was fun to see mom and dad and mase dance out there. i danced some, but i really didn't know anyone well. it was fun when they got zack and susan and russ and adam on the chairs, i think that is such a cool tradition, and we sang "hava n'gila" and "di di alu" or however you spell it. that's like the only hebrew i know. the food was excellent though. then we went home and i slept. today i got up and went to starbucks and then to sunday school (jesus, john, james, peter, and CLAIRE, heehee), then to church which involved communion and a slightly shorter wesley sermon. got out around 12:10, went to chapter 11, then back to the club for ML's birthday luncheon. twas good to see all the fam, including the little wild bunch. allison and grace were so cute dancing around! cute, cute (but craaazy) cousins. oh, and logan came in from TN! happiness. he is really fun to have around. then we went back to nana and pop pop's and i had a wonderfully relaxing time in the chair that leans back with the sleeping bag in the basement, listening to logan and nana and dad looking at old sagas and reminiscing about people. i cannot WAIT to get my saga in only about 2 1/2 months or less!!!! yay! so had that wonderful time for about 3 hours, and gabe and bekah came also! but i only had about 30 minutes w/ them because i had to go to choir. went to choir, then went to the potluck and square dance! muchos enjoyable. love those people. now i am home and i have the craziest day tomorrow so who knows if i can blog. god just get me through tomorrow... acccck. ok tea awaits moi.. -clairey
ps. i cannot believe or fathom that a year ago today was austin's first basement party. scaaariness. huzzah, huzzah.

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