Sunday, March 16, 2003

9:06 pm
mom, dad, and mase are upstairs watching the COE video & i dunno if i can go up there cause i realllllly don't wanna see it!!! i just want to imagine it in my head as it was. and how i sounded. anyway. youth was pretty fun, i enjoyed wink a lot more than capture the flag. it always makes everyone sooo pissed off. but wink was hysterical. eric came! so i got to give him his gaelic storm cd. now all three of the "irish ascendents" have them, finally, 3 months after christmas! anyway. i hate, hate, hate my stupid, stupid, stupid math midterm. god help me. oh, good note- diane got into UCLA!!!!!!!! yay!!!!!!! :D :D :D ok i need to go do something... other than what i am doing. blessings w/ you all.

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