Monday, March 03, 2003

8:39 pm
yaaawn gosh this has been a looong day but hey it's over except for silly math homework and a shower and stuff. so i went to french club at 7:30 (yep, 7:30... thank god for julia calling me at 7 and saying it was 15 minutes early because it was a mardi gras party...) and it was fun- me, john, emily, and julia. and some other people. brie and mini toasts were my breakfast along with half a cream puff of henry's that juls brought along. then went to school, oh how joyous.. twasn't too bad, just the longness it usually is. although i must admit, we only have nine weeks left of school. i think. yeah. so two more 3 weeks of health and 1 more 3 weeks of PE!! isn't that awesome? anyway. then afterwards i went to ms. adamson's room and wrote the IB essays. took me two hours, til 5:30ish. then wonderful mommy who is coming down with a cold drove me to panera for dinner and then i came back to school for a chorus concert that i got home from a bit ago. the bro still is tired and coughing but no fever. the claire is coughing too but she's still maintaining her health level very well and taking vitamins, etc. the dad of course never gets sick so he's outta the question. i have an appt. with the orthodonist tomorrow because i grind my teeth at night and apparently that is why my jaw is hurting (according to the dentist) so i am going to get a mouthguard to wear at night or something. as long as it's not braces i'm fine. square dancing last night was a blast. today was "senior skip day", hehe, riiiight. 03-03-03. how cool. ok other stuff now. peace

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