Monday, March 24, 2003

8:10 pm
ok i'm back, hehe. anyway, i am done with my notecards!!! happiness. but i have stupid fractal math homework left. grrr. today is mom and dad's 18th anniversary. yowza. ok i thought i was going to write more. oh yeah, last night at youth we did big/littles. melissa t. was mine, it was tons of fun. i looove how bo put in spring break 82!!! HAHAAHA me and george liked that one. and then the ice cream stuff, but kady and megs got george the counselor baaaad!!! & bob got buffy & lester got bo p..hahahaha. oscars are fun, my guilty pleasure, heehee. get this yall- 2 months from today, i will be out of school!!!! AHHHHHHH!!!!!! :) scary! i'm talking to sistah e, allie, and molls right now, and sarah and mase are down here doing their hw and we're listening to sarah's mixed cd. we had turkey and stuff for dinner and grandpa's hershey's pie is for dessert! *grin*. peace & happiness!!!

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