Friday, March 14, 2003

8:10 pm
happy friday!!!! heeheehee. okay day. i got a 76 on my math test which bums me out a bit because i did think i did better than that. anyway, i got through the day, and read my 12-page narrative in english... thanks to them for listening and thanks to ms. crow for letting me get water afterwards. mary is in town too, so i guess i'll see her sunday. came home and hung out, made tea and cookies, watched "remember the titans". mase came home and we noticed that rusty had hives, so we called dad and he called the vet, who very nicely came over to our house (since it's so close to the vet) and gave rusty two shots for allergic reaction. i hope he's okay, i think the swelling has gone down. dad got home with publix subs and stuff and we watched "friends" & "seinfeld"... now the boys are watching 30 mins of "Mission: Impossible" while i am down here and i am debating whether i should get ice cream or not when i have already had sooo many cookies this afternoon. hm. will power or not? then i am going to watch a bit of "about a boy", the grrreat movie i rented. then i am going to go to bed early because i really and truly need to. then tomorrow i am going out to lunch w/ katie- yayay!!! and then youth sunday rehearsal, then i need to study for my midterm.. oh joy. then sunday is a regular day except i have to be at both services for youth sunday. and youth sunday night is fun night!! yay. ok that's all, byebye. pecae

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