Friday, March 21, 2003

8:02 pm
happy friday!!!! *grin*. today was a fairly good school day, lunch was craziness!!!! words were being put in my mouth like crazy, but it was hysterical. hard to explain, i promise. so elleny came home w/ me!! we took off for SMS right after we got home so we could see ms. logsdon but guess what? she wasn't there at all!! grrr. i miss her, she was such an awesome teacher. haven't seen her in awhile too. but we walked around the school and then school let out and we felt really weird walking around our old middle school with all these people that we knew, but it was really weird. LN wanted to find roxanne but we decided to leave after a bit because it just...felt too weird. anyway, then we walked back to my house and had cheesecake (yummmmmmy) from oak grove market and then went up to my room and talked for about 3 hours... about everything, everything, everything!!! fun stuff. then we had lasagna for dinner and she got to watch me murder chris as cain, hehe. i am still trying to screw up the courage to watch all of my solo on my own. it's just hard for me as a goldurn stupid perfectionist. she just left and now i am doing this and am gonna go relax in my room because it is a FRIIIIIDAAAAAY & i am doing NOTHINGGGG tomorrow!!!!!!!! happy sigh. can you believe they took away the red carpet for the oscars on sunday?!?!?!?!?!?!?! oh my gosh!!! i mean, i understand it's like "we don't want to be prancing around in all our million dollar finery while our troops are out fighting and throwing bombs over baghdad" but ellen made an excellent point, "so we will be sitting in all our million dollar finery while our troops are out fighting and throwing bombs over baghdad." ughhh and that is one of the best parts!!!! i would rather have them cancel the awards and have it the regular way than have it broadcast now! plus that takes away from the winners' glory. so a claire oscar rant of the day. so i suppose it's good that TTT wasn't nominated for too much because they wouldn't get to bask in their glow very long. next year is ROTK's year!! hm i was gonna say something but i don't remember what... well, anyway, dad got home safely from DC last night, thank goodness. he brought me peter mayle's "A year in provence", which i read like 2 years ago and it's a good book, all about france and food, which makes me muchos hungry. i like the word muchos. oh yes, i remembered what i was going to say now. announcement: (announcement? announcement! i can just hear david's voice start that song up again...hahahahahasqueakhahahahahaha ok anyway sorrrrry) A YEAR AGO TOMORROW IS WHEN I GOT SICK!!!! peer back through time to my march 22 02 archives and read up on my horrible condition... wow, i can't believe i haven't been sick for about 11 months. vitamins and tea and water and soap help!!! have a gorgeous weekend, darlings! i love yall!!! peace out

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