Friday, March 07, 2003

6:16 pm
hi guys, i am @ my aunt's house... fun, fun. chorus festival was pretty good, girls' pieces weren't as good as they could've been but my miniscule solo went well. sightreading for girls SUCKED (we were all nervous and unfocused and out of it) but then mixed chorus pieces went really well, and we all cheered when we got through sightreading fairly easily. in between that, went to lunch @ taco bell w/ brandon, rachael, maia, and rashundra. saw ms. bailey several times since she's in charge of it... after mixed chorus sang, i took care of brian and allison (dearest tiny cousins, not too wild thank god) and they colored on plates and such while ML accompanied a group who's other pianist got stuck in this huge wreck which is still blocking the interstate (mom & dad missed the bro's band performance cause of it)... then we went to the grocery store to get ingredients for taco soup, then to the pet store to see the fishies and birdies... and also they have doggies there, which just breaks my heart because they have this tiny little cage to live in until they get picked out. i would take at least one if we hadn't already got two!! sniff sniff. i just hope they all get a home soon. ahhh so it is friday, happily, and i am going to go do something else now.... paix out yall
(shalom, hehe)

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