Thursday, March 27, 2003

5:45 pm
aloha, happy thursday! demain c'est vendridi, merci mon dieu! :) anyway, went to breakfast club and ate w/ reid, daniel, amy, megs, as usual. and also honey and honey. then went to school, not a bad day, lunch is getting more hysterically fun by the day! hahahaha. makes me happy. the math test went well i think, and she had to give fourth period homework but not second!!! nooooo faiiiiirrrr (whine whine) because i wanted a night to do nothing. although when i got home i had cookies and pineapple and green tea and watched the class act video from 97! god i had not seen it in a looooong time. great songs, people that i looked up to, even though i didn't know them. and the last year is this spring- no! sigh. the pollen is definitely kicking in, my throat is scratchy and i am sighing a lot. no more pneumonia though, hehe! a year ago i was flat on my back. tomorrow i'm going to lakeside's production of "robin hood", how cool! it's gonna be fun. peace out yall, have a gorgeous day! :)

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