Saturday, March 15, 2003

5:12 pm
hi guys, it's been a nice saturday so far. last night i went to bed at 10 pm!!! wow that's early for moi. then i slept til 9 this morning, got up and watched the rest of "about a boy" that i rented last night. "shake your oomp!" hahaha. anyway. then got ready & met dearest katie @ panera where we had a lovely time eating and talking. then we walked up to coldstone and had yummy ice cream, and then we had to say goodbye! but it was great to hang out with her for awhile. then i went to the sanctuary for youth sunday practice, which was tres fun. it's gonna be a great "we've got good news!" day. then i came home and made tea because i was wearing my voice out because me and di were the only alto women present and she was playing her viola a lot so i had to hold on my own. and buffy has a cold, but she is also playing guitar. tonight my main thing is to study for my math midterm and possibly read the driver's ed book... grr and i don't wanna do either of those things. but i need to, i really, really do. hrmph. i need to go to bed early tonight as well, since we have to be at church so early. it's gray and chilly outside... spring has disappeared again. HAHA i just realized i wrote "pecae" instead of "peace" for my last post!!! crazy me. ciao all, email me!!!

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