Tuesday, March 25, 2003

5:09 pm
just got back from the orthodonist doing xrays and impressions (yucky gooey stuff), etc. fun stuff man, i tell ya. grooan. anyway, school was tres bon aujourd'hui (very good today for all you nonfrench speakers). me and soffe walked another hour on the track and got in the way of the frisbee zone (hehe) discussing things from careers to school to everything. it was so much fun, it's making PE nice right now! yayayay. lunch was fun too because paul came over again and we all talked about melissa's face... hahaha... and other things. crazy good times. then, math was a fairly easy review. i do not like fractals. ah well. so on the way home in the car me and lizzie had the silliest conversation about the lid that goes over things i microwave... much too confusing to recount, i don't even remember what all we said myself. then i got home and mary and nana were here looking at the house and i had some pie ("fake") and we left. now i am back and i don't have too much homework. so a year ago today i went to the hospital in the morning for a chest x-ray, found out i had pneumonia, then later that night had a horrible bout of pain and had to go into the emergency room at like 11 pm and watch M*A*S*H & zorro the old tv show. whew. me and megs have the perfect beginning to spring break planned!!! it's a 1/2 day so panera for lunch, then her house with an oscar fest and pizza and brownies and i'll probably spend the night and stuff. it'll be awesome! :) peace everybody!

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