Monday, March 10, 2003

5:07 pm
ha i just remembered i have tea steeping and it is probably cold now... well that's what microwaves are for i suppose. last night at youth was muchos fun, choir was good too, we had a good group- di hung up on david! heehehe. but megs said she called him back. anyway, we had fun at youth, dancing and singing and such and then ran outside and played elbow tag and freeze tag and then planned youth sunday stuff. good times. be w/ all those who need you god. including myself. MATH MIDTERM IS A WEEK FROM TODAY! ack ackack. it is cold down here and i am extreeeemely tired. i think i might go lay back down on the sofa or something of the sort. need to call people to ask if they are willing to do stuff for youth sunday. peace out

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