Monday, March 31, 2003

5 pm
such a gorgeous, FREEEEEEZING spring day!!!! how stupid!!!! well i went to first period today and then got checked out to go to the doctor since i have a cold. so marietta said i needed to stay home the rest of the day so i could rest... i didn't wanna miss math but i had chicken and watched some oscars and slept til about 4:45ish. i hate missing school... but oh well, it probably did me some good. it's so weird, i could swear i'm losing my memory.. not really of course, but i've just noticed tiny things that i will forget and then remember if i really think on it... craazy, hope it doesn't continue to last. last night we had a hunger dinner; those are always fun and interesting and effective. i cannot wait til friday the wonderful half day that i will spend with megs! and then spring break.. ahhh. help me to get better from my sinus infection! peace to you all

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