Wednesday, March 12, 2003

4:45 pm
guess who doesn't have a huge scratch on her glasses anymore?!?! me!! yay. went to the optician or whatever it's called and got new lenses. thank goodness, i needed em badly. i thought it wasn't gonna be too great a day until i saw the spotlight in first period- an article on the musical!! made me happy to see my name in print for the first time. cool, cool beans. ugh the chapter six math test is tomorrow and i am SO not looking forward to it but i wanna do well... grrr. i guess i just have to study, that makes sense doesn't it? and i got a D on my proofs test but i wasn't surprised (although it is very hard to get a D, hehe) although i still don't like it. argh. anyway. all-around good day, and mommy dearest (seriously) bought salmon for dinner! ack my attention span is wandering, i just wrote "lunch" instead of "dinner". anyway, yesterday's annoyingly bad mood sort of faded away after i went for a walk with mom and the doggies and felt the nice spring air inflate my lungs. i can get together with katie this weekend, which makes me muchos happy. so anyway i am off now. peace

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