Wednesday, March 19, 2003

4:41 pm
bonjour peoples (peeoplees)- how goes it on this rainy almost-springy day? fine for moi, actually, a very good day. fun in the morning because talked to paul & lizzie & martha and nazia and such. first period was spent in the extreeemely hot computer lab researching cormier. second period was blaaah since it's health. lunch was fine. chorus was fine, math was actually a bit fun at the end because we made dilations and pictures!! peter and i were very original and made a space ship and we added stars and stuff. it was cool. tonight i have a youth council meeting but before that i am going to church night supper, which i haven't gone to in a VERRRRY long time!! so yay! & of course tomorrow is thursday, then friday, and i think me and LN are getting together then. yay. okay that's all for now... peace to all of yall!!

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