Monday, March 17, 2003

4:40 pm
hullo, folks! happy st. paddy's from a 1/8 irish lass who is most definitely wearing a green t-shirt under her gray long sleeved one. well it's been a good day so far... at the moment i am steeping my earl grey tea and stuff. the geometry midterm wasn't as bad as i thought, in fact, it was darn easy compared to some other tests that i have unhappily had to take over the past few months. i have a headache, a headache, a headache, i have a headache, please make it go away... so yeah. mom made blueberry muffins as well- yay. hm, maybe since it's st. patrick's day i should use all the irish lingo i can think of... boot, jumper, etc. plus luvely, grand, thanks a mil(lion), god bless, no probs...and much, much more. my jaw hurts... appt. w/ orthodonist next week, dangit... grrowl. oh well, it's worth it i suppose. anyway, gotta go get that wonderful hot tea on such a wet and chilly "spring" day. 4 days til spring! or is it 3? i dunno, i always count it by nana's bday which is 4 days away. PEACEPEACEPEACEPEACEPEACE

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